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Meditation at Lagunitas

Meditation at Lagunitas


by Robert Hass

Meditation at Lagunitas Resources


Hass Reading

A video of Hass speaking to an audience at Berkeley. There’s even a "parental advisory" warning at the beginning!

Hass Wins National Book Award!

It’s kind of like the Oscars of poetry, except the speeches are longer and the fashion isn’t nearly as good.

Hass Speaks at a Poetry Forum

This clip is only three minutes long. We promise.


Laureate Lecture

A lecture from Hass’s time as U.S. Poet Laureate.

Sierra Club Interview

The Sierra Club interviews Hass, a passionate environmentalist.

Poets.org Listening Booth

This website includes several Hass poems.


The Poet

A portrait of Robert Hass

Lake Lagunitas

A scene worthy of a nature poem. Where’s the woodpecker?

Acorn Woodpecker

Is this the "clown-faced woodpecker" from the poem?


There really is a fish with this name.


American Poetry: The Twentieth Century
Hass is one of the editors for a monumental collection of American Poetry from this past century.

Historical Documents

Hass Interview

An interview with the poet, in which he discusses how he wrote "Meditation at Lagunitas."

Guernica Magazine Interview

Hass talks politics, among other things, in this wide-ranging interview.


Hass’s page on the website of the American Academy of Poets, an organization he led until 2007. So, really, we can thank Hass for this site.

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