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Meeting at Night
Meeting at Night
by Robert Browning

Meeting at Night Resources

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Browning on

A brief biography of Browning.

Browning on Victorian Web

A great, scholarly site that has lots of links to Browning-related materials.

Love Letter

The full text of the love letters Browning wrote to his future wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, plus her responses. So sweet!


"Meeting at Night"

A video of "Meeting at Night," set in modern times.

A Reading of "Meeting at Night"

A (slightly) animated reading of "Meeting at Night."


Robert Browning Reads

A recording of Browning reading one of his poems (turn it up loud because it's hard to hear!)


Robert Browning

An older Robert Browning, looking very handsome.

One of Browning's Manuscripts

A page from Browning's manuscript for The Ring and the Book (1868).

Robert and Elizabeth

Portraits of Robert and his wife, the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Browning's Headstone

Browning's headstone in Westminster Abbey.

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