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The Merry Wives of Windsor Act 4, Scene 1 Summary

  • Mistress Page chats with Mistress Quickly as she attempts to drop off her son at school.
  • Evans shows up and announces that school has been canceled that day.
  • Mistress Page complains that her little boy (William) is having a hard time with his Latin grammar, and she asks Evans to give him a mini-tutorial.
  • Evans proceeds to give little Willy a Latin grammar lesson while Mistress Page and Mistress Quickly stand by and watch.
  • Mistress Quickly knows zero Latin and winds up misinterpreting the whole lesson, and so she accuses Evans of teaching little William a bunch of dirty words.
  • Evans finishes the lesson and calls Mistress Quickly a "lunatic."
  • Brain snack: Most literary critics think that this scene is designed so William Shakespeare can give a shout-out to his own experiences as a young schoolboy. 'Cause, yeah, otherwise we're really not sure what this scene is doing here.

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