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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis


by Franz Kafka

Grete Samsa Timeline and Summary

  • Grete knocks on Gregor's door. When he refuses to come out, even at the request of the manager, she cries.
  • Later that day, Grete leaves some bread and milk for Gregor to eat.
  • The next morning, Grete sees that Gregor hasn't eaten the bread and milk. She spreads a wider assortment of food on the floor, including some rotten vegetables and moldy cheese. Grete gets into the habit of feeding Gregor in this way every morning and evening.
  • Grete notices that Gregor moves the chair next to the window to be able to look out the window. After she cleans his room, she positions the chair for him.
  • After a month or so, Grete still can't stand the sight or smell of Gregor. Gregor hides himself under a sheet, and she throws him a grateful look.
  • Grete notices that Gregor needs more space to crawl around his room. She convinces her mother to help her move the furniture out of the room.
  • However, in the process of moving the furniture, Gregor comes out from the sheet and plants himself on a picture on the wall. Her mother faints, and Grete goes into the room to get some medicine.
  • Startled by Gregor, who has followed her, Grete runs back into Gregor's room and locks the door behind her.
  • When her father rings the doorbell, Grete rushes out to let him in and explains that Gregor has escaped.
  • Grete gets a job as a salesgirl. She practices her shorthand and French in the evenings in order to get a better job.
  • Grete continues to clean Gregor's room and feed him, but she gets more and more careless. But when her mother cleans his room, Grete is furious.
  • One night, the boarders sit down to dinner and Grete helps her mother prepare them dinner.
  • On retreating back to the kitchen, Grete plays the violin for her parents. The boarders invite her to play in the living room.
  • While Grete plays the violin in the living room, Gregor comes crawling out, causing a general scene.
  • Grete insists to her parents that they must get rid of Gregor. At a slight movement from Gregor, Grete, thinking that Gregor is about to attack, Grete hides behind her father. When Gregor finally crawls back into his room, she locks the door behind him.
  • On discovering that Gregor has died, Grete confers with her parents in their bedroom. She helps them throw the boarders out of their apartment.
  • Grete sits with her parents, and they all write letters to their employers that they are taking the day off.
  • Grete joins her parents as they go on a trip out to the country. When they arrive, she stands up and stretches.