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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis


by Franz Kafka

Mrs. Samsa Timeline and Summary

  • Noticing that her son hasn't gotten up for work in the morning, Mrs. Samsa knocks at his bedroom door. At his reply, she leaves him alone.
  • When her son's boss arrives, Mrs. Samsa joins him and her husband in front of Gregor's door in an attempt to get Gregor to open the door.
  • When Gregor opens the door and reveals that he is now a vermin, Mrs. Samsa shrieks for help as she lurches around the living room. She spills some coffee, which makes her son snap his jaws, which agitates her even more.
  • After Gregor's transformation, Mrs. Samsa is content to leave her daughter to deal with Gregor's care. After a couple of weeks, however, she expresses her wish to see Gregor, and both her husband and her daughter try to convince her not to do so.
  • Finally, her daughter needs her help moving the furniture. Mrs. Samsa catches sight of Gregor stuck on a picture of the wall, and collapses on the couch. Her daughter returns with some spirits and attempts to revive her. Meanwhile, her husband has come home and is attacking Gregor with apples.
  • Mrs. Samsa bursts out of Gregor's room and begs her husband to spare Gregor's life.
  • Mrs. Samsa spends her time at night at her new job sewing lingerie.
  • Mrs. Samsa decides to give Gregor's room a thorough cleaning. Her daughter gets mad at her, and she, her daughter, and her husband get into a huge fight.
  • Mrs. Samsa and her daughter serve dinner to the boarders, and take their own meals in the kitchen with Mr. Samsa.
  • Mrs. Samsa goes to the living room with her husband to hear her daughter perform the violin for the boarders.
  • When Gregor invades the living room, Mrs. Samsa starts breathing heavily. Throughout the general commotion, she coughs and strains to catch her breath. As the boarders retreat into their room, and Gregor retreats back into his room, Mrs. Samsa falls asleep in her chair.
  • The next morning, Mrs. Samsa is woken up by the cleaning woman's announcement that Gregor is dead. After looking in on Gregor's corpse, she joins her husband and her daughter in the bedroom to confer. Mrs. Samsa joins her husband and her daughter as they throw the boarders out of their apartment.
  • Mrs. Samsa joins her husband and her daughter as they write letters informing their employers that they're taking the day off.
  • On the train ride out to the country, Mrs. Samsa and Mr. Samsa silently communicate their understanding that Grete has grown into a marriageable young woman.