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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis


by Franz Kafka

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Part 1


1. What kind of creature does Gregor Samsa change into?
2. What is Gregor’s occupation, and whom does he live with?
3. Who stops by the apartment looking for Gregor?
4. What does Gregor’s mother tell the man about how Gregor spends his evenings?
5. What does Gregor discover about his ability to communicate?
6. What does Gregor’s father tell Grete and Anna to do?
7. What happens when Gregor tries turning the key?
8. What happens to Gregor’s mother when she enters his room?
9. How does the chief clerk react to the sight of Gregor?
10. What does Gregor’s father do to Gregor?


1. A gigantic insect
2. He is a traveling salesman, and he lives with his parents and sister.
3. The chief clerk
4. She tells him that Gregor reads the paper, looks at train timetables, and does fretwork.
5. He discovers that his speech makes sense to no one but himself.
6. Get the doctor and locksmith
7. He has difficulty turning it with his mouth because he has no teeth. When he clamps down on it with his jaw, a brown fluid drips from his mouth, but he finally gets the door open.
8. She collapses.
9. He stares at him, twitching, and backs away.
10. He hisses at him and forces him back into the room with a stick.