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Quote #10

These serious gentlemen – all three had long beards, as Gregor was able to register once through a crack in the door – were obsessed with neatness, not only in their room, but since they had, after all, moved in here, throughout the entire household and especially in the kitchen. (3.9)

As part of their new poverty, the Samsas have to take in boarders – three "serious gentlemen." We don't learn anything about them except that they act really important and have long beards – sort of like ZZ Top without the sunglasses. Their sole purpose in the story seems to be to emphasize that the Samsas are no longer masters of their own home and are now subservient to the boarders. Like Gregor, the boarders are an alien presence whose needs take precedence over the other Samsas. Both the boarders and Gregor have to leave before the Samsas' social status can be restored.

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