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Metrical Feet

Metrical Feet


by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Metrical Feet Resources


Coleridge on Poets.org

Your go-to site for the Coleridge basics.

Derwent Coleridge

A page that talks a lot about Derwent, whose life was almost as fascinating as his father's. Almost.


Coleridge was a romantic. And no, we're not saying he wrote love poems. Romanticism was a literary movement of the eighteenth century, and you can learn about it in brief at this website.

Coleridge's Grave

Wait – he wrote his own epitaph?


Everything You Need To Know About Meter

If you're into the meters included in this poem, take a look at this video. It's the first of four in a series that will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about meter and then some. And then some more.

Coleridge on Film

A portrayal of Coleridge in the movie Pandaemonium: Samuel's the dude in blue with the rather unfortunate hair.


A Poet Reads a Poet

No one likes to read "Metrical Feet" aloud. Hmm, we wonder why? Here, poet Robert Kelly reads one of Coleridge's most famous poems, "Kubla Khan." Prepare yourselves for a strange, strange ride.


Derwent Coleridge

A photo of Derwent Coleridge late in life. Very late, if his balding pate is any indication:

The Man Himself

A very famous painting of the young Samuel Taylor Coleridge. That is one serious tie.

The Old Man Himself

In his later years.

Death Mask

Yep. You read that right. Here's a plaster cast of Coleridge's face shortly after he died. Creepy!

Skiddaw Vista

Here's a picture taken from the top of Skiddaw that labels other mountains in the area, just so you can get an idea of what Derwent might have seen had he followed his father's advice at the end of "Metrical Feet."

The Mountain Itself

A picture of Skiddaw. Picnic anyone?

The Lake District

A map of the totally gorgeous Lake District, where Coleridge and Wordsworth spent much of their time. Coleridge had a house in Keswick that still stands today. Shall we stop by for a spot of tea?


eBook: "Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge"

Want to snoop on the correspondence of our poet? Here's your chance with this free eBook.

Movies & TV

Pandaemonium, 2000

This film features a fictional version of the creative friendship between Coleridge and poet William Wordsworth. These two were best buds sometimes, and at each other's throats others.

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