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Influences on MGMT

Influenced by MGMT

Ben: "I'd say [Oracular Spectacular] is influenced by a lot of things. We try to reference a lot of things we're influenced by in our music. It's weird, because a lot of time people don't get the references or think we're referencing other bands. We get a lot of comparisons to Ween, Muse and They Might be Giants, who are not really bands we listen to. So it's funny what we think we're influenced by and what people think we sound like — which is usually nothing like what we listen to."

They have described the music they like to listen to as "creep balls music," "gross music," "stonery," and "psychey."

Other bands the boys have listed as influences:

• Suicide
• Nine Inch Nails
• Led Zeppelin
• Neil Young
• Creedence Clearwater Revival
• Radiohead
• Loop
• Dead Meadow
• Of Montreal
• Chrome
• Spiritualized
• Spacemen 3

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