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Video & Audio

Ben Lee Cover

Australian singer/songwriter's slower spin on "Kids."

Chiddy Bang Cover

A really unique version of "Kids" from the four-piece hip-hop/electronica group from Philly, complete with their own rap verses.

Official "Kids" Music Video

The one with the kid and the monsters that we have discussed at length.

Fan-made "Kids" Music Video

The one with the face-painted kids by the USC student.

"Kids" Live at Leeds and Reading

Great concert footage of them performing "Kids" with the audience singing along.

MGMT Live on QTV

A very informative interview where the guy jokes about how MGMT did everything that you should probably do when not trying to start a legitimate band, and made it big anyway.

Kooks cover

The Kooks, famous for their song Naïve, do a cool audio cover of "Kids"

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