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Microorganisms: Viruses

Microorganisms: Viruses

Microorganisms: Viruses: '80s Retrovirus Party True or False

1. Which of the following is MOST important in controlling virus infections? -> B cells
2. Why aren’t viruses that have latent stages of replication ever completely cleared by the immune system? -> They stop replicating for indefinite periods of time.
3. What is responsible for presenting virus antigens for recognition by the immune system? -> MHC
4. What are some reasons that some antivirals are not as useful against viruses as vaccines? -> Antivirals can be more toxic than vaccines.
5. Which of the following viruses would be more ideal to design an antiviral drug rather than a vaccine? -> All would be ideal antiviral targets.
6. Which of the following viruses would be the most restricted by tetherin? -> An enveloped virus
7. Which of the following viruses would be restricted by APOBEC? -> Retrovirus
8. Which of the following is NOT an immune defense mechanism against virus infection? -> Virus receptors
9. Which of the following is an example of antigenic shift? -> Recombining of segmented genomes
10. Which of the following reasons explains why smallpox was an ideal candidate to develop a vaccine against? -> Existing weakly pathogenic forms