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by George Eliot

Middlemarch Book 7, Chapter 67 Summary

  • Lydgate had actually lost money at the Green Dragon, so he isn't tempted to go back again.
  • He decides to ask for money from Mr. Bulstrode, even though he always had intended to stay financially independent of him.
  • After all, he reasons, he's been working for Bulstrode's new hospital for free, and that's a major time commitment.
  • He's still wavering about whether or not to ask him when Bulstrode calls him to his house – he doesn't feel well, and wants to see a doctor.
  • Lydgate advises that he relax more (Bulstrode is still all wound up about the Raffles business).
  • The subject turns to the hospital. Lydgate hints that he'd like a salary, instead of working gratis.
  • But Bulstrode puts him off and says that Mrs. Casaubon is planning on taking over as the primary source of funds for the hospital.
  • Lydgate says he'll talk to her, then.
  • Bulstrode encourages that, but adds that Mrs. Casaubon is out of town at the moment.
  • So then Lydgate asks for a straight-up loan from Bulstrode.
  • Bulstrode declines, and suggests that Lydgate declare bankruptcy.
  • Lydgate's not encouraged by this advice, and leaves.

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