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by George Eliot

Fred Vincy Timeline and Summary

  • Fred comes home from college without finishing his degree – he thinks he won't need to get a job as a clergyman because he's going to inherit his uncle's property at Stone Court.
  • Fred's uncle Featherstone dies and leaves the property to someone else.
  • Fred is disappointed, and his father makes him go back to the university to finish his degree.
  • Once he's finished his BA, he's supposed to become a clergyman, but he doesn't want to do that.
  • He says he'll do whatever Mary Garth advises – she says she'll never marry him if he becomes a clergyman, so he decides not to.
  • Instead, he starts to work for Mary's father, Caleb Garth, in his business as an estate agent.
  • Eventually he's given a chance to run the farm at Stone Court.
  • He's able to marry Mary, and they live happily ever after.