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by George Eliot

Mary Garth Timeline and Summary

  • Mary is working as an assistant and companion to her uncle Featherstone, who is chronically ill and very cranky.
  • On his deathbed, Mr. Featherstone asks her to burn his second will, but she refuses because there aren't any other witnesses – she doesn't want anyone to suspect her of cheating.
  • After Featherstone dies, Mary is going to go away to teach at a school in York, but her father's luck turns just in time and she gets to stay in Middlemarch.
  • Fred is in love with her, but she won't even think about marrying him until he does something with his life.
  • Once Fred gets a head start as an estate agent by working for Mary's father, she agrees to marry him.
  • They're married and live happily ever after.