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by George Eliot

Rosamond Vincy Timeline and Summary

  • Rosamond comes home from Mrs. Lemon's finishing school, determined to marry someone handsome and distinguished – preferably not one of the boys she's known since childhood.
  • She decides Mr. Lydgate's the one for her, and sets about making him fall in love with her.
  • She succeeds, and they get married.
  • Their spending far exceeds Lydgate's income, and they fall into debt.
  • She blames him entirely.
  • When he wants her to do unpleasant things, like move to a smaller house, she smiles serenely and then goes behind his back to change his orders.
  • She doesn't like her husband's behavior very much these days, and prefers hanging out with Will Ladislaw.
  • She convinces herself that she's in love with Will, and tells him so.
  • He brushes off her advances, because he's in love with Dorothea.
  • Dorothea walks in and sees Rosamond with Will.
  • Will scolds Rosamond enough to make her cry.
  • She feels guilty for the first time ever and decides to try to make things right.
  • She tells Dorothea the truth.
  • She lives with her husband unhappily until he dies.
  • After the end of the novel, she remarries to a wealthy old doctor.