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by George Eliot

Will Ladislaw Timeline and Summary

  • Will's father and mother die, leaving him on his own in the world.
  • Will accepts financial help from his cousin, Mr. Casaubon, to get a university education.
  • He meets Mr. Casaubon's bride-to-be at Lowick, and is disgusted that any young woman would marry an old bookworm like his cousin.
  • Will runs into the Casaubons in Italy and finds himself more interested in Mrs. Casaubon.
  • They become friends, but Mr. Casaubon gets jealous.
  • Will decides to see her in England, too, but Mr. Casaubon forbids him from visiting the house.
  • Will realizes that he's in love with Mrs. Casaubon, but never thinks that they'd be able to marry, even if Mr. Casaubon died.
  • When Mr. Casaubon does die, Will learns about a codicil in his will that forbids Mrs. Casaubon from remarrying to Will Ladislaw.
  • Will is angry – he thinks that Mr. Casaubon was a suspicious jerk to think that he'd have tried to marry Mrs. Casaubon when everyone would assume that he was just after her wealth.
  • He decides to leave Middlemarch forever, but can't bring himself to leave the neighborhood.
  • Rosamond Lydgate decides that she's in love with Will, and he's on the point of telling her to back off when Mrs. Casaubon walks in.
  • Will is miserable because Mrs. Casaubon will think he's having a fling with Rosamond.
  • After Rosamond sets things right, he's able to tell Mrs. Casaubon how he feels.
  • She decides to give up her inheritance so that they can marry right away.