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by Jeffrey Eugenides

Middlesex Resources


Bloomsburying the Lead

Jeffrey Eugenides' website has all you need to know about his first two novels, The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex. You'll have to look elsewhere for the scoop on his third, The Marriage Plot.

Try Before You Buy

If you think Middlesex sounds cool, but you're not yet ready to take the plunge, you can sample the text and the audiobook here.

Articles and Interviews

E Meets O

Part of the privilege of being an Oprah's Book Club pick is getting to sit down with the big O herself. Eugenides got to do this in 2007.

It's 3A.M., We Must Lonely

3A.M. Magazine interviews Eugenides (hopefully at a more reasonable hour) about Greek symbolism and literary voice.


Serious + Literary = Snorefest… Right? Wrong!

In this video, Eugenides talks about his novels The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex. With titles like that, he can't be boring, despite being described as serious and literary. Plus, he's from Detroit. Like Eminem.

See You First Tuesday

If you read Middlesex and thought it needed more amateur acting and cheap costumes, this video is for you. (Don't worry, there's some good literary analysis here too. Plus: British accents.)


A Breath of Fresh Air

Eugenides spouted some fresh air of his own on Fresh Air with Terry Gross in 2002.

From Silkworms to Bookworm

Michael Silverblatt chatted with Eugenides on the air about Middlesex in 2003.


Do the Worm

Hankering for some hot silkworm action? Here's a good diagram of what a bombyx mori looks like at all stages of life. Who knew you'd get a bio lesson from Middlesex too?

Olympic View

Desdemona and Lefty might not have bunked with Zeus and Hera, but they lived on the actual Mount Olympus. The view is pretty good up there.

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