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Midnight's Children

Midnight's Children


by Salman Rushdie

 Table of Contents

Midnight's Children Characters

Meet the Cast

Saleem Sinai

[Nicknames: Snotnose, Stainface, Baldy, Sniffer, Buddha, Piece-of-the-Moon.]Pompous. Funny talking. Ugly. Disfigured. Probably crazy. A Muslim in a Hindu India. Sounds like leading man material doe...

Padma Mangroli

Poor Padma. Why did you have to fall in love with someone as lame as Saleem? You could've done so much better. Sure, you're not the prettiest. Or the smartest. Or… the point is, no one should hav...


You shouldn't like Shiva, but is he really all that bad? Let's think about it. Okay, he did slice Eyeslice's eye, but Eyeslice was making fun of him for being poor. He did break his dad's wrist, bu...

Mian Abdullah a.k.a. The Hummingbird

Mian Abdullah, the man who could make people get erections just by humming. Now there's a claim to fame for you.Mian founds the Free Islam Convocation. (Note: Even though many events in Midnight's...

Grandpa Doctor Aadam Aziz

It all begins here. Aadam's the patriarch. Head honcho. Big Mack daddy. Whatever word you want to use for that guy that did that thing for the first time. Yeah, that one. He's that. In other words,...

Grandma Naseem Aziz née Ghani a.k.a. The Reverend Mother

Naseem, whatsitsname, Aziz is the undisputed, whatsitsname, matriarch of the Aziz family and she rules, whatsitsname, with an iron fist. Don't worry, we won't be doing this whole character analysis...

Uncle Hanif Aziz

Hanif is the cool uncle. He's a movie director. His wife is a beautiful actress. He has no kids, so he's extra excited to see you every time you visit. He lets you stay up late at his grown-up part...

Pia Aziz

Two words: Aishwarya Rai. A few more words: beautiful, dramatic, flirt, bow-chicka-wow-wow. Pia Aziz is a stereotypically flamboyant, melodramatic, man-eating actress.She's Hanif's wife, Saleem's a...

Amina Sinai née Mumtaz Aziz

Who shape shifts more than Saleem's mom? It could've been aunt Alia. It could have been Vanita, Wee Willie Winkie's wife. It could have even been Mumtaz Aziz, but she needed to change her name and...
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