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Midnight's Children

Midnight's Children


by Salman Rushdie

 Table of Contents

Midnight's Children Themes

Midnight's Children Themes


Midnight's Children is definitely a time warp. Forget Universal Studios and Back to the Future, this is the real Time Machine. Time goes forwards and backwards, up and down, slantways and sideways....


Truth in Midnight's Children is not the truth that you're thinking about. It's not the sort of thing they're asking you for when you stand up in front of a judge with your hand swearing to tell the...

Philosophical Viewpoints: Fatalism

So what is this fatalism stuff anyway? Fatalism is a philosophical viewpoint that believes that things are inevitable and it makes no sense to resist. Fatalists believe that all of your actions are...

Literature and Writing

It makes sense that writing is an important part of Midnight's Children. The story is the written autobiography of the main character, after all. You can't have books without writing, can you? Even...

Foreignness And 'The Other'

Ever notice how people don't tend to like foreigners? Not us of course, or else who would we practice our foreign languages with? But many other people think that foreigners are weird. They're diff...

Women and Femininity

Ah, the gentler sex. They need to be protected by big strong men, and by religious rules so that those big strong men won't defile them. Or not. Even the women who believe in tradition in Midnight'...


You thought you knew everything about sex—some orifice does something with some other body part, bada bing bada boom. But in Midnight's Children, sex is more than just that. It's hopes, dreams, a...


What is a family? Two grownups get together and have a kid. Maybe they aren't married. Maybe the kid is adopted. There are so many options that we could spend all day listing them. Families have go...

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