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A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 2, Scene 2 Summary

  • Titania instructs her fairies to dance and sing her to sleep.
  • Afterwards, her attendants can go back to their fairy work and disappear.
  • Oberon slips in and manages to get the pansy juice onto Titania eyes before running off.
  • Lysander and Hermia come tripping in after Oberon exits. They're lost so they decide to stop for the night and rest.
  • Lysander wants to sleep close to Hermia but she tells him to back off because they're not married yet.
  • Lysander tries to sweet-talk Hermia but she's not having it.
  • They fall asleep separately.
  • Puck ambles onto the stage.
  • Puck thinks Lysander is Demetrius (because he's wearing Athenian clothes) and sprinkles the love juice on his eyelids.
  • Puck runs off to tell Oberon.
  • Then Demetrius runs onto the stage with Helena chasing after him. Demetrius tells her to scram but she refuses.
  • Demetrius exits the stage, leaving Helena to roam around on her own.
  • Helena trips over Lysander and wakes him up.
  • Lysander takes one look at Helena and falls in love at first sight. Then he says he's going to kill Demetrius.
  • Helena is confused and thinks Lysander is mocking her, which adds to the indignity of Demetrius not loving her. She exits, certain that she's being clowned.
  • Lysander says he never wants to see Hermia again and deserts her while she's sleeping.
  • Hermia wakes up from a horrible dream. Thinking Lysander is still sleeping near her, she recounts the nightmare: she thought a serpent was eating her heart while Lysander stood by smiling.
  • Hermia then realizes that Lysander's not there.
  • She panics and runs off looking for him, promising she'll either find her love or kill herself.

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