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A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 5, Scene 2 Summary Page 1

  • Puck comes onto the stage with a broom. (Remember how we told you that, in English folklore, Puck spends his time helping people with their household chores?)
  • Puck talks about all the scary things that happen at night (like lions and wolves coming out after humans have gone to bed).
  • Puck notes that nighttime is also the realm of the walking dead, wandering from their graves into churchyards, as well as the time for the fairies to frolic.
  • Still, Puck declares that he's a (mostly) friendly spirit who's in the habit of blessing households.
  • Puck sweeps the dust from Theseus's threshold and promises that nothing will disturb the house.
  • The Fairy King and Queen (Oberon and Titania) enter, followed by their entourage. They "bless" the house by flying around and chanting a little rhyming verse while doing an aerial fairy dance.
  • Oberon orders all the fairies to flit through the house, and bless the master bed so that all the children that come of it will be fortunate and lucky. He promises that all three couples will be happy and remain in love. Furthermore, their babies won't be ugly and won't have any scars or defects. (Seriously.)
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