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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream


by William Shakespeare

The Changeling Timeline and Summary

  • 2.1: We learn from Puck and the Fairy that Oberon and Titania have been fighting over a "lovely" Indian boy. Puck accuses Titania of having stolen the kid from an "Indian king."
  • 2.1: We also learn that Oberon wants the boy to be his personal errand boy, but Titania keeps the kid with her all the time and "crowns him with flowers."
  • 2.1: Oberon begs Titania to give him the boy and Titania refuses.
  • 2.1: We hear from Titania that the child's mother died giving birth to the boy, so Titania feels obligated to raise him.
  • 4.1: We find out that, when Titania was in her love stupor, she willingly gave up the boy, who was immediately taken off to Oberon's fairy court.