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Hippolyta Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Hippolyta assures her husband-to-be that their upcoming wedding night is going to be awesome—even the "moon" will be impressed.
  • 1.1: We learn how Theseus and Hippolyta got engaged. (Theseus conquered her people, the Amazons, and helped himself to Hippolyta.)
  • 2.1: We hear some juicy gossip about Hippolyta when Titania accuses Oberon of having had a torrid affair with "the bouncing Amazon." (We're assuming this went down before Theseus entered the picture.)
  • 4.1: On Hippolyta's wedding day, she goes hunting with her future husband and some pals, which reminds her of the time she went hunting with her pal Hercules back in the day.
  • 4.1: Off-stage, Hippolyta gets hitched to Theseus in a big, fancy wedding.
  • 5.1: Off-stage, Hippolyta has heard about the young lovers' story about their crazy night in the woods. She says she believes the tale, even though it seems "strange."
  • 5.1: Hippolyta watches the Mechanicals' performance of Pyramus and Thisbe. She bags on all the actors and the entire production.
  • 5.1: Hippolyta goes to bed with her new husband.
  • 5.1: We learn that the fairies are flitting around Hippolyta's house, "blessing [her] bride bed" and making sure that Hippolyta and Theseus don't make ugly babies. (Seriously.)