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Lysander Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Lysander listens while Egeus tells Duke Theseus why Hermia should marry Demetrius.
  • 1.1: Lysander says that perhaps Demetrius and Egeus should get married, as Egeus loves Demetrius so much.
  • 1.1: Lysander points out that there's no reason he shouldn't be able to marry Hermia. He's got a family pedigree that's as good as Demetrius's, and he has as much if not more cash to back up his good breeding. The most obvious reason he should marry Hermia, Lysander says, is that Hermia loves him.
  • 1.1: Lysander tries to comfort Hermia after they've left the meeting with Duke Theseus. He asks why his lover looks so pale, and tries to ease her mind by saying that all the history he's ever read suggests that "the course of true love never did run smooth."
  • 1.1: Lysander muses that, even if you end up with the right lover, war, death, or sickness could come between you, ending your happy romance as quickly as it started.
  • 1.1: Lysander has hatched a plan. He has a wealthy old aunt that lives outside Athens, and he suggests that he and Hermia meet in the wood tomorrow night, sneak off to his aunt's house, and get married outside of the reach of Athenian law. He asks her to steal out of her father's house under cover of darkness and promises to meet her in the woods.
  • 2.2: Now in the woods, Lysander notes that Hermia looks beat. He admits that he's lost his way and tells Hermia they should rest now and wait for the comfort of the day.
  • 2.2: Lysander tries to snuggle up next to Hermia, but she shoos him away and he ends up sleeping by himself.
  • 2.2: Puck sprinkles magic love juice in Lysander's eyes.
  • 2.2: Lysander wakes up and sees Helena. He instantly falls in love with her.
  • 2.2: Lysander ditches Hermia in the woods and runs off after Helena, declaring his love for her.
  • 3.2: Lysander tries to convince Helena that he really does love her. He fights with Demetrius over who should get to be with her.
  • 3.2: When Hermia shows up and asks why Lysander ditched her, he tells her to get lost because he hates her.
  • 3.2: Lysander runs off to duke it out with Demetrius.
  • 3.2: After being led around the forest by Puck, Lysander gets tired and falls asleep.
  • 3.2: Puke reverses the spell so that when Lysander wakes up, he no longer wants Helena but is back in love with Hermia.
  • 4.1: Lysander wakes up in the morning next to the other young lovers. Duke Theseus finds him there and asks what's up. Lysander says he doesn't really know how he got to be here exactly, but he admits he came to the wood with Hermia with the intention of running away from Athens and Athenian law. After all the explanations, the Duke tells the kids to come back to Athens to be married, and Lysander happily goes back with the others.
  • 5.1: Off-stage, Lysander has married Helena. Duke Theseus, at the wedding banquet, offers his congratulations and joy to the young couples. Lysander wishes the Duke well.
  • 5.1: Lysander watches the Mechanicals' play with the rest of the wedding party.