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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


by George Eliot

Lucy Deane Timeline and Summary

  • Lucy visits the Tullivers as a little girl. She loves her cousin Maggie.
  • During a visit to the Pullets Tom pays more attention to Lucy since he is angry with Maggie. Lucy still tries to include Maggie.
  • While playing near a pond, Maggie shoves Lucy in the mud. Lucy is horrified and cries
  • Lucy is taken home by Tom and the Pullets comfort her.
  • Years later, Lucy’s mother has died and she has invited Mrs. Tulliver to live with her.
  • Lucy has a suitor, Stephen Guest.
  • She invites her cousin Maggie to come stay with her.
  • Lucy is thrilled to learn about Maggie’s past relationship with Philip and is determined to play matchmaker.
  • Lucy tries to intervene on Maggie’s behalf with Tom but is unable to get through to him regarding Maggie and Philip.
  • Lucy is largely oblivious to the growing romantic tension between Stephen and Maggie.
  • Lucy plots to help the Tullivers buy back their mill.
  • Lucy enlists her father and Philip in her scheme.
  • After Maggie and Stephen elope, Lucy goes out of town with the Miss Guests.
  • Later, Lucy sneaks over to see Maggie at night and forgives Maggie for eloping with Stephen.
  • After Maggie’s death, Lucy eventually marries Stephen and she visits Maggie’s grave