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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


by George Eliot

Maggie Tulliver Timeline and Summary

  • Maggie is a precocious and highly intelligent kid growing up at Dorlcote Mill
  • While Tom is away at school, Maggie accidentally kills his pet rabbits. The two fight but Tom forgives Maggie and they go fishing together.
  • Maggie cuts off her hair after her relatives keep complaining about it.
  • Maggie pushes Lucy in the mud at the Pullet’s house.
  • She then runs away to the gypsies, but is soon safely returned home.
  • Maggie goes to visit Tom at Mr. Stelling’s.
  • Months later Maggie returns for another visit to Mr. Stelling’s and meets Philip Wakem.
  • Tom tries to impress Maggie with a sword and injures himself, scaring Maggie badly.
  • Maggie and Philip bond and she promises to always remember him.
  • Years later, Maggie comes to get Tom from school since their father has lost his lawsuit and the family is now financially ruined.
  • Maggie cares for her father after he falls dangerously ill.
  • Maggie yells at her aunts and uncles for interfering after the family is about to go bankrupt.
  • After the family goes bankrupt, Maggie has a very depressing existence.
  • She has a religious awakening, though, and devotes herself to a strict philosophy of self-denial.
  • After a few years of this, Maggie re-encounters Philip Wakem.
  • Maggie agrees to start a secret friendship with Philip. This lasts for a year.
  • Philip declares his love for Maggie and she awkwardly returns the sentiment.
  • Tom discovers Philip and Maggie and forbids Maggie from seeing Philip again.
  • Maggie swears on a Bible that she won’t see Philip anymore.
  • She has an angry confrontation with Tom after Tom insults Philip.
  • Maggie witnesses her father beating Mr. Wakem after the family debts are finally paid.
  • Maggie works as a governess for a few years.
  • She then returns to St. Ogg’s to visit her cousin Lucy.
  • She then meets Stephen Guest at Lucy’s house.
  • Maggie goes to ask Tom permission to see Philip Wakem, since he is friends with Lucy.
  • Maggie starts falling for Stephen, but is torn about their relationship.
  • While visiting her Aunt Moss, Stephen and Maggie meet and declare their love for one another, but Maggie refuses to start a relationship with him because of Philip and Lucy.
  • Maggie goes rowing with Stephen and the pair stray far from home. They decide to elope.
  • Maggie has her doubts, though, and the next day she leaves Stephen.
  • She returns to St. Ogg’s and is shunned by nearly everyone. Tom refuses to have anything to do with her.
  • Maggie goes to live with Bob Jakin and her mother goes with her.
  • Maggie befriends Dr. Kenn, who tries to help her.
  • Maggie is forgiven for almost eloping by both Philip and Lucy.
  • She receives a letter from Stephen and, though she is tempted, she stands by her decision to break-up with him.
  • The river floods and Maggie is swept away in a boat. She goes to rescue Tom.
  • Maggie and Tom drown in the flood.