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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


by George Eliot

Philip Wakem Timeline and Summary

  • Philip begins attending school with Tom at Mr. Stelling’s.
  • Philip and Tom do not really hit if off at school, though they bond some over Philip’s drawing.
  • Philip meets Tom’s sister Maggie and instantly forms a bond with her.
  • Philip sympathizes with Tom after Tom injures his foot with a sword.
  • Maggie continues to visit Tom at school but Philip is never there when she is.
  • Maggie encounters Philip again a few years later.
  • Philip has not forgotten Maggie and carries a picture he drew of her around with him.
  • Philip asks Maggie to continue to see him and to remain his friend and Maggie eventually agrees.
  • A year passes and Philip remains close to Maggie, meeting to talk with her and lending her books.
  • Philip declares his love for Maggie and Maggie reciprocates.
  • Tom discovers Maggie and Philip. Philip and Tom argue.
  • Philip is understanding when Maggie won’t see him anymore.
  • A few more years pass and Philip encounters Maggie at Lucy Deane’s house.
  • Philip is still in love with Maggie and she reassures him of her love but says she’s unable to marry him.
  • Lucy enlists Philip in a scheme to help the Tullivers buy back their mill from Mr. Wakem.
  • Philip tells his father of his feelings for Maggie.
  • Philip grows suspicious of Maggie’s relationship with Stephen.
  • A heartbroken Philip recovers and writes a letter to Maggie forgiving her after she elopes with Stephen.
  • Philip regularly visits Tom’s and Maggie’s grave.