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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


1. Who said, "It would make me in love with the world again, as I used to be; it would make me long to see and know many things - it would make me long for a full life."? -> Tom Tulliver
2. Who was "the human being of whom she had been most afraid"? -> Tom Tulliver
3. Who wrote, "I never expected happiness: and in knowing you, in loving you"? -> Philip Wakem
4. Who said, "But, you see, when a man’s got brains himself, there’s no knowing where they’ll run to; an’ a pleasant sort o’ soft woman may go on breeding you stupid lads and ‘cute wneches, till it’s like as if the world was turned topsy-turvy. It’s an uncommon puzzlin’ thing."? -> Mr. Tulliver
5. Who said, "Then, if you can do nothing, submit to those who can."? -> Tom Tulliver
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