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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


by George Eliot

Stephen Guest Timeline and Summary

  • Stephen is Lucy’s suitor and frequently visits her at her home.
  • Stephen jokingly assumes that Maggie will look like her mother and is shocked when he actually meets her.
  • Stephen is drawn to Maggie instantly and begins to act in order to gain her attention.
  • Stephen begins to fall in love with Maggie and is anxious to be in her presence.
  • Stephen conspicuously ignores Maggie at the bazar and then gets into a small argument with Philip, Maggie’s other suitor.
  • Stephen impulsively kisses Maggie’s arm at a ball and she is upset.
  • He follows Maggie to her Aunt Moss’s house where he declares his love for her.
  • The pair try to control their feelings, since they don’t wish to hurt Philip or Lucy.
  • Maggie and Stephen go rowing on the river and stray too far from home.
  • Stephen says this is fate and asks Maggie to elope with him.
  • He hails a ship and tells them that he and Maggie are married. The pair spend the night onboard the ship, heading to a nearby port.
  • Stephen and Maggie have a major confrontation at a local inn. Stephen begs Maggie not to leave him, but she eventually does.
  • Stephen leaves the country in despair.
  • He writes a letter to his family to explain the situation and he takes the blame for everything that happened.
  • Stephen writes a letter to Maggie begging her to reconsider.
  • Years later, Stephen is presumably married to Lucy and the two visit Maggie’s and Tom’s grave.