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The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss


by George Eliot

Tom Tulliver Timeline and Summary

  • Tom arrives home from school and brings Maggie a fishing rod.
  • But he is soon furious to learn that she forgot about his rabbits and they died.
  • Tom forgives Maggie and the two go fishing together.
  • Tom has a falling out with his friend Bob Jakin.
  • Tom helps Maggie cut her hair and then laughs at how ridiculous she looks.
  • While visiting the Pullets, Tom is angry with Maggie and pays more attention to Lucy.
  • Tom hits Maggie when she pushes Lucy into the mud and he takes Lucy home.
  • Tom begins attending school with Mr. Stelling and he hates it.
  • Maggie visits Tom at school.
  • Philip Wakem starts attending school with Tom and the two never really hit it off.
  • Tom borrows a real sword and injures his foot.
  • He and Philip bond over his injury, but their friendship is short-lived.
  • Tom continues at school till age sixteen.
  • Maggie comes to get Tom after their father loses his lawsuit.
  • Tom stands up to his family and tries to carry out his father’s wishes regarding the Moss’s debt.
  • Tom asks his Uncle Deane for a job and begins work at Guest and Co.
  • At his father’s request, Tom curses Mr. Wakem in the family Bible.
  • Tom continues to excel at work and starts an investment scheme with Bob Jakin.
  • Tom gets the Gleggs to help with his investment plans.
  • When he discovers Maggie’s and Philip’s relationship, Tom is furious and forbids them to meet again.
  • Tom fights with Philip and insults him, and then he fights with Maggie.
  • Tom earns enough money to pay his family’s debts.
  • After paying off the creditors, Tom gives a good speech.
  • On his deathbed, Mr. Tulliver makes Tom promise to buy back the mill and take care of his sister. Tom agrees.
  • Tom rents a room from Bob Jakin and continues working at Guest and Co.
  • Tom agrees to let Maggie see Philip again, but he and Maggie still have a strained relationship.
  • Bob hints that Tom might be in love with Lucy.
  • Tom is up for a promotion at work.
  • He asks for his uncle’s help in buying back the mill.
  • Finally, Tom is able to buy the mill and he moves back in.
  • Tom angrily breaks off all ties with Maggie after her elopement.
  • Maggie comes to rescue Tom during the flood, but they both drown.