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The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale

The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale


by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Reading Quiz


1. What is the Miller's physical condition when he begins his tale?
2. Why does the Reeve object to the Miller's proposed tale?
3. Whom does the "old codger" take in?
4. What is Nicholas's talent?
5. How does the Miller describe the carpenter's new wife?
6. How does Absolon behave around the parish women?
7. What does Absolon do outside the carpenter's window?
8. When Nicholas hides in his room one Saturday, what does the carpenter think has happened to him?
9. What does the serving-boy see through the crack in Nicholas's door?
10. How does the carpenter wake Nicholas from his trance?
11. What natural disaster does Nicholas foresee through his astrology?
12. What household object will keep each of them safe during the disaster?

13. What is Alisoun's reaction when John tells her about Nicholas's prophecy and the rescue plan?
14. What does the carpenter make to help them reach the tubs?
15. What does Absolon plan to do at daybreak?
16. What does Alison say to Absolon when he comes to see her?
17. What body part does Alisoun stick out the window for Absolon to kiss?
18. What does Absolon borrow from the smithy?
19. Why does Nicholas cry out for water?
20. What happens to the carpenter when he cuts down the tubs?


1. He is drunk and pale.
2. He thinks it is sinful to slander a man or bring scandal on wives in general.
3. A lodger (a poor student)
4. Making love in secret
5. Young and well-dressed, with a lecherous eye. She has slender black eyebrows, a bright complexion, and a sweet mouth.
6. He gives them lovelorn looks.
7. Plays the guitar and sings to the carpenter's wife, Alisoun
8. That he fell ill and possibly died
9. Nicholas lying on his back and gaping
10. By shaking him and reciting a spell
11. A flood
12. A tub
13. She pretends to be frightened and tells John to do whatever it takes to save her life.
14. Ladders
15. Tap at the window and tell Alisoun that he loves her
16. She tells him to go away because she is in love with someone else.
17. Her backside
18. A hot coulter
19. To cool his backside after Absolon pokes him with the coulter
20. He falls and breaks his arm.