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Minotaur Photos

One Handsome Minotaur
At heart, I'm a peaceful beast. [Minotauros by George F. Watts, 1877-1886]

Weird Tales
It's everybody else who's weird, not me. (P.S. Check out the girl I landed.) [Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales (January 1945, col. 38, no. 3). Cover art by Margaret Brundage]

Not His Best Work
Clearly, I have two legs. Not cool, Mr. Blake. [Dante Hell XII by William Blake, 1826-1827]

Just Brutal
Cold-blooded murder! And that's not even my most flattering side. [Theseus Fighting the Minotaur by Étienne-Jules Ramey. Marble, 1826]

Looking Good up to the End
And they call him a hero... [Thésée Minotaure by Antoine-Louis Barye. Bronze, 1843]

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