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The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope


by Molière

Éliante Timeline and Summary

  • We meet Éliante in Act 2, talking to her cousin Célimène about letting some of her friends into the house.
  • While Célimène and friends gossip about everyone and anyone, she talks to Philinte.
  • Later, Éliante joins in on the discussion of love with her long speech.
  • We see Éliante and Philinte together again after Alceste has been dragged away to deal with Oronte.
  • Philinte tells Éliante that he loves her, even though she loves Alceste.
  • Alceste barges in and asks Éliante to go out with him. She refuses and he goes back to his main lady, Célimène.
  • Later Éliante watches as Célimène's deception is revealed to everyone.
  • Philinte and Éliante finally get together and live as happily ever after as they can with Alceste as a friend.