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The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope

by Molière

Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

How is it that the traits you most abhor
Are bearable in this lady you adore?
Are you so blind with love that you can't find them?
Or do you contrive, in her case, not to mind them? (1.1.233)

They say love is blind, but Alceste must be deaf, dumb, and not even really paying attention, because he doesn't see that Célimène is basically the opposite of everything he claims to admire. Luckily, BFF Philinte is looking out for him.

Quote #2

True, true: each day my reason tells me so;
But reason doesn't rule in love, you know. (1.1.259)

Molière seems to really want to drive it home that love and reason are not connected, and that Alceste is not a reasonable person. Here's the question, then: if reasonable people can't be in love, then can Philinte really love Éliante?

Quote #3

Yes, it's a brand-new fashion, I agree:
You show your love by castigating me,
And all your speeches are enraged and rude.
I've never been so furiously wooed. (2.1.81)

Célimène points out to Alceste (and to us) that he is the worst boyfriend ever. Something is really off about Alceste and his way of "loving" Célimène. Like, he's the kind of guy who would get you a Weight Watchers membership for your birthday. Even though you never said anything about going on a diet.

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