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The Misanthrope

The Misanthrope


by Molière

The Misanthrope Resources


Don't Blame Us For This

Please don't use this as a reference, but feel free to laugh at this silly "biography" of Molière.

Sleep Like a Playwright

The Hotel Molière can make all your dreams come true. At least of sleeping in a hotel in Paris. If those are your dreams.

Comparative Whatchamacallits

All you could want when it comes to Molière. Texts. Analysis. Funny pictures. Sure, it's in French, but if that's not your thang you can always pop it into your favorite Internet translator.

Molière from A to Z

Another quasi-obsessive site. Want to know his whole biography? Where he slept? Where he took up his pen name? His favorite brand of cereal (working on that one)? Here you go.

Movie or TV Productions

High-Class Treatment

From the heavy hitter of Scandinavian cinema himself, Ingmar Bergman, comes a modernized adaptation of The Misanthrope.

Hijinks Ensue

So it's not exactly an adaptation: failed actor directs ragtag band of teens in putting on an adaptation of The Misanthrope. It's so going on our Netflix queue.

Not Exactly True to Life

This semi-biographical movie blends Molière's life and his plays together in what seems to be a highly rated theatrical concoction.

Is This a Talkie?

A dedication to Molière featuring the world's most famous mime, Marcel Marceau.

Articles and Interviews

Old Timey Frenchy French Time

If you want to check out editions of Molière's works that are older than your grandparents, Yale's Beinecke Library is the place to go. Pretty awesome.

Pirates and Leet Hacks!

Did you know that people used to pirate books? Yeah, we know, isn't that just called scanning nowadays?

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

And Molière just happened to start in the court. In front of the king. Times were hard.

The Last Word

Haven't got enough of the M-man yet? Well the good people over at the Encyclopedia Britannica will help with that.


The Playwright as a Young Man

You know you wanted to know what he was like when he was young. We guess he was a playa.

We're Not Sure What Is Going On Here

A one-minute summary of The Misanthrope, done by some very, very strange French metal girls.


Imagine This in the Key of "I Hate You"

The song that Alceste says is better than Oronte's poem


We Can Totally Picture This on Alceste's Wall

What else but a motivational poster for misanthropes?

We Totally Need the Name of Their Stylist

Modern actors dressed up as seventeenth-century noblemen. Love the blush application.

The Man Himself

Big M. Molière. He actually looks kind of sweet.

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