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Analysis: Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Welcome to the wild, wild life of Molière. This vagabond actor and playwright was rumored to have married his own daughter, who was twenty years younger than he was. Was it really his daughter? No one knows. Why did he do it? For the moooola! (source, 302)

Molière performed in such illustrious places as the Louvre and Versailles before the big guy himself, King Louis XIV. That's a bit more impressive than selling out Madison Square Garden. (source)

Did you know that you used to be excommunicated for being a comedian? Molière was guilty of this egregious act, and since he didn't renounce his profession before his death, he was initially denied a Christian burial. What would they have thought about reality TV stars? (source)

This guy is as good as French royalty. He was voted 8th greatest French person of all time in 2005. Who was number one? Oh, just some guy named Charles de Gaulle. (source)

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