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Miss Misery
Miss Misery
by Elliott Smith
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Miss Misery Books

Autumn de Wilde, Elliott Smith (2007)

De Wilde, who was a fan of Smith's and also did photo shoots with him, gathers her photos, scraps of lyrics, comments and conversations with Smith's friends and contemporaries, and compiles them into what Amazon calls "a stunning example of how a tribute book should be made." Pair that with an introduction by Beck, and you've got yourself a winner.

Matt LeMay, Elliott Smith's XO (33 1/3 Series), (2009)

The 33 1/3 series is well-known to most in the indie music community. The idea is to take classic indie albums, or albums influential to indie artists, and examine them closely for how they came to be made, what influenced them, and how they touched the author's life. Smith's XO gets that treatment in this book. Matt LeMay is a staff member of

Benjamin Nugent, Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing (2005)

A pretty brief biography of the artist. If you take a look at the reviews you'll see it received mixed reactions, but it's worth checking out if you're a big Smith fan.

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