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by Herman Melville

Queequeg Timeline and Summary

  • Queequeg goes to his bed at the Spouter-Inn, only to discover that the landlord has arranged for Ishmael to share it.
  • After spending a night together, Queequeg and Ishmael become best friends and bosom companions – Queequeg describes them as "married."
  • While Ishmael goes out looking for a whaling ship, Queequeg stays behind to celebrate a day of prayer and fasting in honor of his god, Yojo.
  • Queequeg resists Ishmael’s attempts to convince him that worshipping Yojo by depriving himself of all physical comforts is wrong.
  • Queequeg signs up to be a harpooneer on the Pequod.
  • Along with the rest of the crew, Queequeg swears to get revenge on Moby Dick for Captain Ahab.
  • Queequeg takes part in various regular whaling hunts and activities on board the Pequod, where he frequently demonstrates his own resourcefulness and heroism.
  • Queequeg gets very sick and, convinced he’s going to die, orders his coffin to be made.
  • When Queequeg recovers, he eventually suggests that his coffin be turned into a life-buoy to replace one that the ship lost.
  • When Moby Dick sinks the Pequod, Queequeg goes down with the ship, still perched on one of the masts.