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by Suzanne Collins

Courage Quotes in Mockingjay

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"I'm not sure exactly. The one thing that I might still be useful at is causing a diversion. You saw what happened to that man who looked like me," he says. (24.26)

Yet again, Peeta steps bravely forward. He's still not fully recovered from being hijacked and yet he's determined to "be useful" doing the "one thing" that he still can do to help. That's giving himself up so the other rebels, including Katniss, can get through and get closer to Snow.

Quote #8

Having no work, grief buries me. All that keeps me going is Coin's promise. That I can kill Snow. And when that's done, nothing will be left. (25.15)

Katniss can only carry on because of one thing: the idea that she "can kill Snow." She can stay present and focused because of that goal, but that's it. Her courage will only take her that far. Once she's accomplished that last mission, she'll collapse back into her "grief."

Quote #9

My finger catches the inside of my bracelet, twisting it like a tourniquet, hurting my wrist. I'm hoping the pain will help me hang on to reality the way it did for Peeta. I must hang on. I must know the truth about what has happened. (26.2)

From Peeta, Katniss has learned a new way of being brave. It's brave to confront "reality." It's brave to want to "know the truth." The pain Katniss feels in her body mimics the pain she feels inside when she's trying to confront such ideas. It would be easier to disassociate from reality and not try to figure out the truth. But to do so, though, would not honor Prim.

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