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by Suzanne Collins

Courage Quotes in Mockingjay

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"That giant clock ticking away your life. Every hour promising some new horror. You have to imagine that in the past two days, sixteen people have died – some of them defending you. At the rate things are going, the last eight will be dead by morning. Save one. The victor. And your plan is that it won't be you." (2.28)

Peeta tries to conjure up the kind of courage it had taken to be a tribute during the Quarter Quell, revealing the terrible circumstances that he and Katniss were in. Even though he says this during a conversation engineered by the Capitol against the rebels, there's no denying that the feelings he expresses here are very real.

Quote #2

Maybe it's because I still have the ashes of my own district on my shoes, but for the first time, I give the people of 13 something I have withheld from them: credit. For staying alive against all odds. (2.82)

Katniss realizes here that she hasn't given "credit" to the folks in 13 who have been struggling for their lives just as she has been struggling for hers. In some ways, they had as tough a time making it in 13 as she did in the arena, and she hasn't given them enough respect for that.

Quote #3

"That's great," I say. Prim a doctor. She couldn't even dream of it in 12. Something small and quiet, like a match being struck, lights up the gloom inside me. This is the sort of future a rebellion could bring. (10.72)

Here, Katniss is able to recognize one of the things they're fighting for – the rebels, and thus a new and brighter "future." It's just a "small" feeling of courage inside her, but it's a chance for hope, for possibility. As terrible as the events they've gone through are, there might be something better on the other side after all.

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