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The Hunger Games

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

The memory of the Hunger Games loom over the characters in Mockingjay. Even though Katniss and many of the other Hunger Games victors are in District 13 and safe from the arena, Katniss still can't stop thinking about the parallels between her present (the rebellion) and her past (the Hunger Games).

The politicians and leaders of 13, and their manipulations, are just too similar to authorities in the Capitol. The rebels' war is fought with weapons and strategies just like those used in the Games. It's almost like the Games arena has expanded to cover all of Panem, and the stakes are even higher. Both the rebellion and the Games/Capitol manipulate reality for political gain, in the form of their televised media and propaganda campaigns. Both use unusual, lethal weapons that are employed through surprise. Both sacrifice innocent lives. Members of both regimes seem, in the end, to encourage the same kind of political authority (the evil kind, obviously).

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