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by Suzanne Collins

Manipulation Quotes in Mockingjay

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Boggs forces the Holo into my hand. His lips are moving, but I can't make out what he's saying. I lean my ear down to his mouth to catch his harsh whisper. "Don't trust them. Don't go back. Kill Peeta. Do what you came to do." (20.18)

Who should Katniss "trust"? Boggs's last words are a warning to her that she shouldn't "trust" anyone. But can she even trust him? Everyone and anyone could be playing her false and be looking out for their own gains. She can't tell who "them" refers to or what manipulations Boggs was trying to make her aware of.

Quote #8

I'm not with Snow now. I'm in Special Weaponry back in 13 with Gale and Beetee. Looking at the designs based on Gale's traps. That played on human sympathies. The first bomb killed the victims. The second, the rescuers. (25.40)

It's a cruel twist of fate that makes the weapon Gale designed the one that killed Prim and so many other young children. Katniss had doubts about the humanity of the tactic, and then to be confronted with the ramifications of it is nearly unbearable. She knew this kind of weapon was being manufactured. She just never expected her own side would use it to such effect.

Quote #9

"What has been proposed is that in lieu of eliminating the entire Capitol population, we have a final, symbolic Hunger Games, using the children directly related to those who held the most power." (26.47)

Coin's using the same tactics the other side did. It sounds at first like she's turning the tables on the Capitol, but really she's just imitating them. Wasn't this war fought to bring about change? 

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