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by Suzanne Collins

Sacrifice Quotes in Mockingjay

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

I know he's telling the truth. That Gale would sacrifice his life in this way for the cause – no one doubts it. Perhaps we'd all do the same if we were the spies and given the choice. I guess I would. But it's a coldhearted decision to make for other people and those who love them. (15.11)

It's one thing to sacrifice yourself; it's your call. No one else is hurt but you. It's a totally different thing to sacrifice other people, to hurt others in the name of your own "cause." Here, Katniss recognizes it as "coldhearted." Despite her strong sense of justice – or, perhaps, because of it – it's the kind of activity she doesn't want to be a part of. It's bad enough to have one person sacrificing himself for her. She doesn't want others to have to do so too.

Quote #5

"That's how they tortured her in the Capitol. Soaked her and then used electric shocks," says Haymitch. "In the Block she had some kind of flashback. Panicked, didn't know where she was. She's back under sedation." Finnick and I just stand there, as if we've lost the ability to respond. I think of the way Johanna never showers. How she forced herself into the rain like it was acid that day. I had attributed her misery to the morphling withdrawal. (18.33)

The book  constantly reminds us of all the sacrifices people associated with the rebels have made, or are in the process of making. Johanna made tremendous ones, all off-screen – we just hear about them after the fact. Regardless, they've permanently damaged her. Can you imagine what it's like to emerge from torture sessions afraid of plain water?

Quote #6

And here I am again. With people dying because of me. Friends, allies, complete strangers, losing their lives for the Mockingjay. "Let me go on alone. Lead them off. I'll transfer the Holo to Jackson. The rest of you can finish the mission." (22.18)

Here, Katniss tries to sacrifice herself and the others won't let her. She wants the rest of her group to split off from her, since she's the real target – that way they might be able to live. But the rest of the team won't leave her, staying as a unit to attempt to "finish the mission."

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