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Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders


by Daniel Defoe

Moll Flanders Criminality Quotes

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Quote #10

I was carried to Newgate. That horrid place! My very blood chills at the mention of its name; the place where so many of my comrades had been locked up, and from whence they went to the fatal tree; the place where my mother suffered so deeply, where I was brought into the world, and from whence I expected no redemption but by an infamous death: to conclude, the place that had so long expected me, and which with so much art and success I had so long avoided. (1017)

Ugh, not Newgate again. The yucky place in which Moll started her life is now the yucky place in which she believes she will end it. Now she shares the reader's understanding that Moll was always destined to return to the prison. We're just amazed that she has avoided it for this long.

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