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Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders


by Daniel Defoe

Moll Flanders Resources


Defoe: Bio and Works

Check out these links about Defoe's life, put together by the Luminarium site. There's so much info here, you could spend days exploring.

Defoe's England

One of the many hats Defoe wore was that of travel writer. On this site, you can take a virtual trip through England with Defoe. Just look out for the men in Colchester. We hear they're trouble.

Movie or TV Productions

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

Amorous? Well that's putting things lightly. From 1965, this version stars Kim Novak of Hitchcock fame, and Angela Lansbury.

Moll Flanders, The Miniseries

This version was made in 1975 by the BBC, which seems to have adapted just about every British novel there is.

Moll Flanders, The Film

This 1996 film adaption of the book, starring Robin Wright and Morgan Freeman takes some serious liberties with the story. Looks like Moll has come up with yet another identity.

The Other Miniseries: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders

Guess who plays Moll's Lancashire man in this 1996 miniseries? None other than Daniel Craig. Catch a glimpse of Bond before he was Bond.

Historical Documents

The Original Title Page

It's a wonder the printers could even fit the whole title on one page in the first place.

Moll's Surroundings

Thanks to the British Library, we can see the places in the book as they might have appeared in Defoe's day and age. Jump in and imagine yourself there (in black and white, of course).


A Trailer for the 1996 Film

See what we mean about this one taking liberties with the story? We don't remember Morgan Freeman anywhere in Defoe's version.

1965 Flanders Film

Get ready for some awesomely inaccurate costume design, and watch Kim Novak do her best Moll in this clip from the 1965 movie.

Daniel Craig as Lancashire

See? We weren't joking around. And neither is Daniel Craig's wig.

"Daniel Defoe and Moll Flanders"

A non-Shmooper takes a shot at discussion of the author and his creation.


Learn Out Loud

This audiobook version of Moll Flanders is read by Heather Bell (the sample is free, but you have to shell out some cash for the full-length version).

Unabridged Audio

Want to hear Moll in the car, on the treadmill, or even as you fall asleep? Now you can with this audiobook, published by Tantor Media, and read by Davina Porter.

Moll Flanders: the Musical

Yep, musical. You have to admit that this rollicking romp was made to be put to music, and at this website, you can hear a song from the show, created by Paul Leigh and George Stiles.


1965 Film Poster

Well now we know why Moll says she's so good looking. She's the spitting image of Kim Novak…

1996 Film Poster

This wistful poster strikes a note quite different from the 1965 film version's.

Daniel Defoe

A portrait of our author. Shmoop gives him the award for best hair ever. We dare you not to chuckle.

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