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Moll Flanders Sex Quotes

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Quote #1

After he had thus baited his hook, and found easily enough the method how to lay it in my way, he played an opener game; and one day, going by his sister's chamber when I was there, doing something about dressing her, he comes in with an air of gaiety. (62)

Moll describes the beginning of her first sexual relationship – the one with the elder brother in Colchester – by saying that he "baited his hook." It sounds an awful lot like the elder brother regarded her as weak prey and attacked. Plus, it goes to show how far Moll has come, later, when she describes one of her relationships by saying, "I played with this lover as an angler does with a trout" (540). Suddenly she's the one in control, and the man is the prey.

Quote #2

Then he walked about the room, and taking me by the hand, I walked with him; and by and by, taking his advantage, he threw me down upon the bed, and kissed me there most violently; but, to give him his due, offered no manner of rudeness to me, only kissed a great while. (79)

Moll gives away a big clue here to her – or possibly society's – attitude towards intimacy that goes beyond kissing: it is "rudeness." You'd think that "rudeness" might include unwanted kissing that's also described as "violent," but Moll doesn't seem to think so.

Quote #3

My colour came and went, at the sight of the purse and with the fire of his proposal together, so that I could not say a word, and he easily perceived it; so putting the purse into my bosom, I made no more resistance to him, but let him do just what he pleased, and as often as he pleased; and thus I finished my own destruction at once, for from this day, being forsaken of my virtue and my modesty, I had nothing of value left to recommend me, either to God's blessing or man's assistance. (95)

It's hard to tell what matters to Moll more here – her attraction to the elder brother or her attraction to his money. It's "the sight of the purse and […] the fire of his proposal together" that makes her succumb to his advances. This also lays the groundwork for so many of the other intimate relationships Moll will have, each founded on or connected to the exchange of her body for money.

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