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Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders


by Daniel Defoe

Moll Flanders Wealth Quotes

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Quote #10

It is with horror that I tell what a treasure I found there; 'tis enough to say, that besides most of the family plate, which was considerable, I found a gold chain, an old-fashioned thing, the locket of which was broken, so that I suppose it had not been used some years, but the gold was not the worse for that; also a little box of burying-rings, the lady's wedding-ring, and some broken bits of old lockets of gold, a gold watch, and a purse with about £24 value in old pieces of gold coin, and several other things of value. (796)

The problem here isn't not having enough wealth, it's having too much. Moll stole far more than she meant to and feels guilty about it, though not guilty enough to take any of it back. For a brief moment, discovering so much "treasure" is a "horror." But why isn't Moll happier about the surprising worth of her loot? Is she really feeling guilty, or is she simply worried that it puts her at a greater risk of being caught?

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