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The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw


by W.W. Jacobs

Mr. White Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. White buys the monkey's paw from Sergeant-Major Morris.
  • At Herbert's suggestion, Mr. White wishes for two hundred pounds.
  • The next day Mr. White learns that Herbert has been killed in an accident at work.
  • Herbert's employer gives the Whites two hundred pounds to compensate them for Herbert's death.
  • Ten days after Herbert's death, Mrs. White forces Mr. White to use the paw to wish Herbert back to life.
  • Shortly after this, he hears a terrible knocking on the door and is convinced that Herbert is back from the dead.
  • He is terrified and he makes one last wish on the paw.
  • We don't know what he wishes, but the knocking stops.
  • When he goes out into the street with Mrs. White, he sees that the street is empty.