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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls


by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls Chapter 14 Summary

Americans Don't Get Much Holiday

  • Back at Grandma's, Conor's dad says he's only staying a few days, because Americans don't get much holiday (that's Brit-speak for vacation).
  • Conor reminds his dad that he's not an American, but that doesn't change anything. Bottom line? Dad can't stay. But he promises to come back when he needs to.
  • Conor knows what that means, and it makes him angry. When his dad asks if Conor wants company, Conor says no and goes into Grandma's house alone.
  • Inside, he kicks the settee a few times, leaving satisfying scratches on his grandma's perfect floor. Then he looks up and sees the clock.
  • It's about to chime nine o'clock. Just before it chimes, Conor reaches up to turn the hands toward the 12. He accidentally breaks the clock, and it stops.
  • Immediately, he knows he's done something really, really bad. Grandma's house is your classic pristine old lady's house and now he's gone and messed it up.
  • Plus, he's stopped the hands at 12:07.
  • Sure enough, the monster shows up, right there in the living room.
  • He's here to tell Conor a story about a man who thought only of himself.

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