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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls


by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls Chapter 20 Summary

Could it Be?

  • Maybe, Conor thinks as he stands in the hospital hallway, the real reason the monster came was to save his mom.
  • But just as he's wondering this, he hears his dad and grandma down the hall, fighting.
  • His dad finally walks away from Grandma, comes up to Conor, and says he has to fly back to America because the new baby is sick.
  • But he'll be back in less than two weeks. Which is cool with Conor, because the new medicine will have made his mom better by then.
  • The dad rains all over the kiddo's parade by saying that the medicine probably isn't going to make her better. 
  • Apparently, Grandma wasn't just mad at Conor's dad because he's going back to America. She was mad because neither of Conor's parents has been honest with him throughout this whole thing.
  • But Conor wants none of the honesty. The medicine's made from yew trees; surely that's why the monster has come to save his mom. The monster is a yew tree, after all.
  • And it will probably be that night. It's only eight more hours until 12:07, when the monster will save his mom's life.

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